I’m a 24 year old emerging artist currently based out of Toronto, Ontario. Though art is my passion and a big part of my career plan, I moved to the city to pursue a Master of sociocultural Anthropology degree. To me, anthropology is about understanding the experiences, beliefs, and perspectives of people in a way that gives them a voice. My work is therefore a platform for others to share how they do things and why, given the particular complexities of their environment and position. I’ve learned that your lived experience shapes not only who you are, but the lens through which you see the world. That’s why a single painting can evoke a limitless range of reactions and interpretations. It is less about the intentions of the artist and more about the lens of the viewer. I love art for that reason.

I don’t know when exactly my passion for art first blossomed but it has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child I would spend hours at my Grandma’s house drawing whatever was in front of me. In elementary school when I was supposed to be practicing BEDMAS or getting a head start on homework, I was most likely in the back of the class doodling horses in my notebook (I have the sub-par math skills to prove it). Through this I began to learn about proportions and anatomy, and how to make a two dimensional drawing look realistic. Since then I have begun to experiment with many different styles, subject matters, and mediums. My portfolio reflects this experimentation so don’t expect to see a consistent style anytime soon! My art is deeply influenced by everything from the weather outside to the ratio of cream to coffee in my cup.